Meeting Dates

January, March, May, July,
September & November
unless exceptions become necessary.
Times & Days May Vary

Annual Dues & Fees
Adult Member: $80.00 plus $50.00 New Member Fee Upon Joining
Junior Member: $5.00 Not Prorated, New Member Fee Not Required
Associate Member: One half of Adult dues plus full amount of Adult New Member Fee
New member Adult & Associate dues (but not fees) are prorated to date of joining
AMA's Park Flyer Membership does not qualify for HLF Membership

(Age greater than 19 or 23 depending on educational status): Must have a valid AMA Membership.

: An AMA member whose primary membership is with another AMA chartered club. Or, an AMA member whose primary residence is not located in Llano, Burnet, and Blanco counties and who would have access to the club's facilities only for a period of any three calendar months within a calendar year. Associate Member's dues will be one half of Adult Member's annual dues prorated to date of joining, and the full amount of any fees and assessments.

: An AMA member age nineteen or younger. Or, an AMA member age twenty-three or younger if a registered full time student at an accredited institution of higher learning. Junior Member's annual dues will be $5.00. Junior Members will not be subject to fees and assessments.

Junior and Associate members shall provide proof of their membership requirements & HLF's Executive Committee shall bear responsibility for ensuring adherence to these requirements.

Financial Authority For Club Expenditures
 Approved At Membership Meeting on April 2, 2011
(1) $0.00 to $100.00, Requires approval  of at least two Executive Board Members
(2) $100.01 to $300.00, Requires majority approval of the Executive Board
(3) Greater than $300.00, Requires approval of the membership

HLF Officers
Office Term: January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2020
President:Jeff Ellis (512) 694-8944
Vice President: Richard Nichols (325) 388-2034
Secretary: Daryl Bley (512) 921-9503
Treasurer: Keith Baker ((830) 598-2112
Safety Officer: Al Campbell (325) 379-2104
Field Marshall: Bill Autrey (830) 598-1314
Director: Mike McDougall (325) 388-3752
Director: David Schaefer (830) 613-0130
Director: Young Scarborough (512)  756-5175

Safety Committee
Safety Officer Al Campbell - Chairman
Mike McDougall
Jesse Webb

Social Committee
Open Position

Weather permitting, flying activities take place nearly every morning. Often, by 10:00 AM, flying is finished for the day, particularly when it becomes too windy. However, members have access to the field at any time.

Visitors are welcome, but must park and observe activities from safe vantage points. Visitors are allowed to fly models under certain circumstances regulated by the club's Safety Committee.

The club welcomes new members and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, creed, political, or ethnic background. A prerequisite to club membership is Full Membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics. Park Flyer Membership does not qualify. AMA application forms are available at Hank Nilsen Field or may be downloaded from AMA's Web Site.  Flying is regulated by the club's Safety Committee. Experienced flyers seeking membership must demonstrate their skills to the satisfaction of the Safety Committee before solo flying is allowed. New pilots must undergo supervised training and meet the Safety Committee's requirements before solo flying is permitted. An application for Highland Lakes Flyers can be downloaded from this Web Site.

For those who join the club, instruction is provided free of charge. Flight training is not offered to non members. The student pilot must furnish his / her own airplane and accessory equipment which meet Safety Committee criteria before training commences. Trainees will encounter a very supportive atmosphere within the club. Anyone interested in learning to fly should first consult with members of the club's Safety Committee before acquiring a model and other equipment. For more information, check out the section on this Web Site devoted to learning to fly.

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