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Minutes Of Bi-Monthly Meeting On March 19, 2019
At Kingsland Library

Convene Meeting At 7:00 PM: President Jeff Ellis presiding. Quorum is eight Adult Members. Twelve members were present.

Member Concerns
:   Lee Kinard's wife Nancy had surgery for a tumor on her lung, the surgery went well, Nancy is home alert, happy and on the road to recovery.  Mike McDougall's son Jeff had back surgery, all went well and he is on the road to recovery. 

New Members Recognition: No new members.

Minutes from Previous Meeting
: This line item will be listed on the next bi-monthly report.

Financial Report:   
Keith Baker's financial report covered the period December 27, 2018 to February 27, 2019.  The beginning balance in the checking account was $3,922.23, after income of $242.00 and expenses of $222.48 the ending balance was $3,941.75. The beginning balance in the saving account was $6,677.46.  After interest income of $0.34, the ending balance was $6,677.80.  A motion to approve was passed unanimously.
Safety Officer's Report:  No safety issues.

Field Marshall's Report: Bill Autrey reported that the field is in good shape.  Bill Autrey is planning to recover the wings on the drone at the entrance to the airfield in the near future.

Noob Fly:
   A Noob Fly is scheduled this Thursday 03/21/19 at the airfield.

Float Fly & Lunch:   A Float Fly is scheduled for Wednesday 03/27/19 starting at 8:30 a.m. at the Robinson Park on the Llano River in Llano, Texas.

Fun Fly:  A Fun Fly is being organized by Richard Nichols, future date to be determined. 

Spring Picnic:  The Spring Picnic is scheduled for Saturday 04/06/19 at the airfield, flying in the morning, picnic lunch at noon.  All club members, wives, family and friends are invited.  Please respond to Bill Autrey are Daryl Bley no later than 04/03/19 if you are going to attend, a head count is needed determine how many members and guest will attend the picnic so the correct amount of hamburgers, and hot dogs  will be provided for the picnic.

Pre Flight Check List: 
Mike McDougall discussed what should be reviewed to prepare a check list for the Airframe, Motor, Radio, Range Test, ESC and Battery.  The Pre Flight Check List will be sent out in an email in the future.  Mike put on a really good presentation.

New Business:  No new business

Old Business:  No old business.

Raffle Drawing:  Justin Judice won the raffle, the raffle gift was donated by Richard Nichols.

Adjourn At 8:12 P.M.

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