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Minutes Of Bi-Monthly Meeting On September 19, 2017

Convene Meeting At 7:00 PM: Vice President Bob Powers presiding. Quorum is eight Adult / Honorary members. Thirteen members were present.

Welcome New Members & Guests:
Bob Powers recognized Donna Holmes, wife of member Rich Holmes.
Member Concerns: Mentioned were Al's wife Patty Campbell, Howard Hilton's wife Mary, & Steven Autrey who recently suffered a foot injury & more recently was hospitalized for surgical procedures.

Minutes From July 18th  Meeting:
Members previously having had an opportunity to review, a motion to approve by Mike McDougall, seconded by Leif Erickson, passed unanimously.

Bi-Monthly Financial Report:
Mike McDougall reviewed the highlights of his report covering the period June 26th thru August 24th. Checking account starting balance was $1,316.16. Ending balance was$1,128.05 resulting from income of $335.51 & expense of $523.62. The savings account starting balance was $7,674.39. The ending balance resulting from income of $150.38 was$7824.77.

Safety Officer's Report: 
Al Campbell advised members to be aware of thunderstorm activity at the field and to avoid seeking safety under the shelters. Best practice would be to stay in a vehicle until the storm passed.

Field Marshall's Report:
Bill Autrey informed the group that a supply of hand tools had been donated, mainly by club president Richard Nichols. He also mentioned that the club had purchased a battery tester and a ½" drive impact air wrench.

Field Mowing & Cleanup:
Bill Autrey reminded members that Thursday, September 21st was scheduled for mowing, trimming, & cleanup at the field. Volunteers are needed. Jeff Ellis is providing lunch.

Approve 2018 Dues & Fees Schedule:
Members voted unanimously to continue the current dues & fees schedule for 2018. Dues will remain $80.00 for Adults, $40.00 for Associates, & $5.00 for youth. The $50.00 new member fee remains in effect. For those joining during the year. Dues, but not fees, will be prorated to the date of joining.

Mower Acquisition Proposal: Bill Autrey & Mike McDougall discussed the issue of purchasing a used Cub Cadet, 25 HP, 46 inch cut, riding mower which is for sale locally. A motion by Bill Autrey, seconded by Jeff Ellis, to authorize $750.00 for the purchase passed unanimously.

Third Party Website Hosting & Club Administration:
Dave Schaefer discussed the issue and answered questions about a group which is offering this service to RC clubs. Mike McDougall will get in touch with a member of Tri City Flyers to find out what he can about that club's experience with their subscription.

Proposed Tree Trimming On KMUD Property:
Mike McDougall will contact KMUD for information & possible permission.

Outer Gate Lock Situation:
Mike McDougall described how he had bolted the locking chain onto one of the gates to improve security.
Water Line Installation on Williamette Rd:
Work is in progress to lay a large diameter water line along the north side of Williamette Road. Progress has been slow because of the shallow encounter with granite bedrock.

Name Tags:
Dave Schaefer demonstrated the new name tags for use during club events.

October Picnic:
Bill Autrey set Saturday, October 14th as the day for the club's Fall picnic at Hank Nilsen Field.

Adjourn At 8:00 PM

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