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Minutes Of Bi-Monthly Meeting On July 18, 2018
At Hank Nilsen Field

Convene Meeting At 10:30 AM: President Richard Nichols Presiding, Quorum was eight Adult Members. Thirteen Adult Members members were present.

Member Concerns: There were no reported member concerns.

Minutes From May 15th Meeting: Members previously having had an opportunity to review the minutes, a motion to approve by Wayne Meredith, seconded by Mike McDougall, passed unanimously.

April 25th - June 26th Financial Report By Mike McDougall:
Beginning balance in the checking account was $2,944.50 & ending balance was $2,541.64 reflecting expense of $402.86 & no income. Beginning balance in the savings account was $6,576.12 & ending balance was $6,576.46, reflecting income of $.34. A motion to approve by Bill Autrey, seconded by Jeff Ellis, passed unanimously.

Safety Officer's Report By Al Campbell:
There were no reportable safety issues in the past two months. As a safety measure, members were advised to revise their transmitter's throttle cut setting from default of -130 to -100.
Field Marshall's Report By Bill Autrey:
A work session is planned for Friday, July 20th to mow & trim around the buildings & runway as well as patch prop damage on the runway. Volunteers will be needed starting at 7:00 AM. Jesse Webb raised the issue of killing grass & weeds in the center of Lyle Sievers Drive. This will be accomplished within the next few days. Bill purchased a new battery for the boat to replace the current one which failed.

Events At Hank Nilsen Field & Llano Park By Richard Nichols:
The July 11th float fly at Llano's Robinson Park was successful. Seven members were present. The river water level at the boat ramp was sufficient for launching. Work is still progressing to increase storage volume west of the dam. There are no special events planned at Hank Nilsen Field for the remainder of the summer.

Flights Of Fancy & Other Event Plans By Mike McDougall: The issue was raised about holding a version of "FOF" at a time in the fall when cooler temperatures prevail. Mike stressed the importance of the club's public outreach both for it's AMA recognition as well as its importance in justifying the club's site lease with Llano County. There was further discussion concerning the possibility of participation in other forms of outreach. Nothing concrete or specific resulted except for raising awareness.

Outer Gate Issue: Since installation of the gate several years ago across Williamete Rd by the KMUD facility, there have been multiple problems with the gate's security. Those with authorized access are KMUD, Central Texas Electric, Kingsland Water Corp, Llano County, Republic Trash Services, Brad Shaw, & Highland Lakes Flyers. Each is allowed a padlock on the chain loop. All problems have originated with those accessing the Brad Shaw property. These include leaving the gate open, bypassing locks, locking into other's locks, installing unauthorized locks, positioning a lock to deny other users access, cutting the chain, removing one gate from its hinges, and damaging the gate by running into it with heavy equipment. Most recently, the chain was cut on three different occasions. Owing to KMUD's video surveillance, the offending party was identified & contacted. At different times, club members have taken measures to revise & repair the gates. There are some options which would alleviate this situation, but, for now, nothing is being considered.

Other Business Not Mentioned Above: Dave Schaefer spoke about the effect of AMA's changed policy of collecting dues. Previous to 2017, AMA collected dues on a calendar year basis, but that has changed to an annual basis based upon the date of joining. Since Highland Lakes Flyers collects dues on a calendar year basis, the two no longer coincide. This presents a problem for each AMA chartered club. Highland Lakes Flyers requires all members to have a valid AMA membership at all times. According to club rules, in the event a member allows his AMA membership to lapse, his Club membership automatically lapses at the same time. Should this occur, there is no provision for refunding any portion of club dues. Those members who pay AMA dues on an annual basis should be particularly aware.

Adjourn At 11:20 AM

Following adjournment, members met in Kingsland at Mr. Gatti's Pizza for the noon buffet lunch.

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