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Minutes Of Bi-Monthly Meeting On Sept 19, 2018
At Hank Nilsen Field

Convene Meeting At 10:30 AM: President Richard Nichols Presiding, Quorum was eight Adult Members.  There were nine Adult Members present.

Member Concerns: Wayne Meredith who is recuperating from surgery.

Minutes from July 18th Meeting by Dave Schaefer: A motion by Mike McDougall to approve, seconded by Jeff Ellis, passed unanimously.

Financial Report by Mike McDougall:
The General Fund's June 26th opening balance was $2,541.64. Following income of $58.00 & expense of $413.15, the closing balance on August 24th was $2,186.49. For the same period, The Capital Improvement Fund's opening balance was $6,576.46. There was $0.32 interest income yielding a closing balance of $6,576.78. A motion by Bill Autrey to approve the Financial Report, seconded by Lee Kinard, passed unanimously.

Safety Officer's Report: Al Campbell was not present.
Field Marshall's Report by Bill Autrey:
Early this week, Bill & Daryl mowed around the shelters, runway, parking areas & driveway. Depending upon weather conditions, the remainder of the lease tract will be mowed in the near future. A new battery & one new front tire were installed on the Huskee mower. And, a front tire on the Huskee mower was repaired. A front tire on the Cub Cadet mower was repaired.

Fall Picnic at Hank Nilsen Field:
The picnic was scheduled for Saturday, October 27th
. It was suggested that the Llano County Judge and County Commissioners be invited.

Boy's & Girl's Club of Kingsland - Static Display & Indoor Flight Demo: This event was scheduled for Tuesday, October 9th, at 3:00 PM.

Approve 2019 Dues & Collection Schedule by Mike McDougall: Mike provided a financial analysis supporting a 2019 Adult Member dues rate of $80.00 per year. Associate and Junior rates will remain the same. A motion by Bill Autrey to approve Mike's recommendation, seconded by Keith Baker, passed unanimously. A motion by Jeff Ellis to approve the 2019 dues collection period as November 1st thru December 31st, passed unanimously.

Officer & Director Nominations For 2019 - 2020 Term by Richard Nichols: Nominations will be developed by the club's Executive Board with Bill Autrey as coordinator. Election will take place at the November meeting.

Other Business Not Mentioned Above: There will be a NOOB / Drone fly at the field on Wednesday, September 26th. A float fly will be scheduled in the near future.

Adjourn at 11:09 AM

Following adjournment, most members met for lunch at Spykes BBQ in Kingsland.

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