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Minutes Of Bi-Monthly Meeting On July 18, 2017

Convene Meeting At 7:00 PM: President Richard Nichols presiding. Quorum is eight Adult / Honorary members. Members in attendance: nine Adults, one Associate, and one Junior.
Member Concerns:
The Ed Bullock family whose grandson Brian passed away earlier this month. Brian was a former Junior Member. Ronnie Kirkpatrick whose mother passed away in May. Associate Member Steven Autrey who has been experiencing health related issues. Member Al Campbell whose wife Patty has been undergoing cancer treatments.

Minutes From May 16th   Meeting: Members previously having an opportunity to review, a motion to approve by Al Campbell, seconded by Jeff Ellis, passed unanimously.

Bi-Monthly Financial Report: Mike McDougall reviewed his report covering the period April 26th thru June 26th. In the General Fund checking account, there was income of $126.68 and expense of $562.54, resulting in a balance of $1,316.16. In the Capital Improvement Fund savings account, there was income of $50.38 resulting in a balance of $7,674.39. A motion to approve by Al Campbell, seconded by Jeff Ellis, passed unanimously.

Safety Officer's Report: 
Al Campbell referred to the July 1st Flights Of Fancy where a thunderstorm occurred at approximately 9:00 AM with numerous people under the shelters. Al stated that in future similar occurrences, people should seek shelter in their vehicles to avoid the danger of lightning strikes. Keith Baker described a recent problem where a battery connector broke apart in mid flight resulting in a crash. Dave Schaefer recounted an occurrence at F.O.F. where the ESC in his airplane shorted out owing to the rain event.
Recap - Flights Of Fancy, Held Saturday, July 1st: Mike McDougall described this event as possibly the most successful ever, even taking into account the early morning thunderstorm. Thirty-three youngsters had an opportunity to fly an airplane on the buddy box. Thirteen of the club's members participated. Overall attendance was increased over 2016.

Proposed Tree Trimming On KMUD Property:
Member Young Scarborough has been interested in trimming some trees located on KMUD property across the fence at the north end of the runway to improve the landing pattern. Mike McDougall is in the process of contacting appropriate KMUD authority to discuss this issue and determine feasibility and a possible action plan.

Field Information Signs:
Richard Nichols recognized Jesse and Sheila Webb for completion of a project refurbishing the field area signs, and additionally creating a new sign at Hwy 2545, and at the entry gate by KMUD.

New Windsock:
Mike McDougall reported the placement of a new orange & white commercial grade windsock, replacing the old one which was deteriorating.

Outer Gate Lock Situation:
Owing to inappropriate use by others with access to the gate on Williamette Rd at KMUD, the lock chain is often mis-used. Mike will soon be installing a remedy.

New Water Line on Williamette Rd:
Kingsland Municipal Water District has plans to install a new water line from the far west end of Williamette all the way to the intersection with RR 2545. This will pass along the club's lease tract, possibly on the north side of the road, which might impact access to the field during installation.

Name Tags:
Richard Nichols raised the issue of providing name tags for members to wear during public club events. There was discussion about how best to proceed. There was no opposition to the idea, but no action was taken. Something to consider.

Float Fly:
The time being right for a float fly, weather forecasts will be monitored for optimum conditions.

Flights Of Fancy Enhancement:
Richard Nichols discussed ways of enhancing the F.O.F. experience by incorporating FPV as part of the event. Keith Baker mentioned video recording the youngsters flying on the buddy box.

Adjourn At 7:50 PM

Following adjournment, Richard Nichols conducted a drawing for a quadcopter which he donated. Ronnie Kirkpatrick won the drawing.

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