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Minutes Of Bi-Monthly Meeting On May 16, 2017

Convene Meeting At 7:40 PM: President Richard Nichols presiding. Quorum was eight Adult / Honorary members. In attendance, eleven Adult members & one Junior member.

Guests: Ben Wilcox was introduced by Richard Nichols. Ben is in the process of submitting his membership application.

Member Concerns: Richard Nichols inquired about new concerns & there were no responses.

Minutes From March 21st   Meeting: Members previously having had an opportunity to review the minutes, a motion by Bill Autrey to approve without correction, seconded by Jeff Ellis, passed unanimously.

Bi-Monthly Financial Report: Mike McDougall reviewed his report covering the period February 27th through April 26th. The General Fund (checking account) starting balance was $2,086.30 & ending balance was $1,752.02. Income was $135.78 & expense was $470.06. The Capital Improvement Fund (savings account) starting balance was $7,573.64 & ending balance was $7,624.01. There was $50.73 in income and no expense. Total available funds amounts to $9,376.03.

A motion by Leif Erickson to approve the Financial Report, seconded by Bill Autrey, passed unanimously.

Safety Officer's Report:  Al Campbell advised members flying electric powered models to reset their transmitter's throttle cut to avoid possible injury on the flight line.

Field Marshalls Report: Bill Autrey scheduled a work day at the field for Thursday, June 25th. The issue of loose petromat strands catching tail wheels was raised & attention will be directed toward removal, particularly at the south end of the runway.

Spring Picnic Re-Schedule: Richard Nichols discussed alternate dates & the picnic was re-scheduled for Saturday, June 3rd, at the Hank Nilsen field.

Update - Flights Of Fancy, Saturday, July 1st: Mike McDougall reported that he had arranged for AMA sanction for this event.

Progress Report - Corporate Grants: Richard Nichols reported he had conferred with an individual versed in obtaining grants. This resulted in a conclusion that there presently was no basis for seeking a grant. Further progress on this issue has been terminated.

Mowing Equipment Discussion: There was discussion about obtaining a mower offering a smoother ride over rough terrain, and the possibility of acquiring an ATV for towing the Swisher mower. No specific action was proposed.

Special Events: Richard Nichols will be scheduling three club events, A "Spring Challenge," a "Fun Fly," & a "Twilight Fly-In."

Adjourn At 7:40 PM


At 7:00 PM, before the business meeting convened, guest speaker Dub Stuart provided a forty minute presentation concerning use of multi-rotor drones in his real estate business. He brought his most up-to-date aircraft, including iPad, for display. Part of the discussion concerned pilot licensing for commercial use. Most of the discussion was directed at the technological aspects of modern drones, including the amazing pre-programming features for hands off flight and aerial photography. Dub proved to be a skilled and energetic speaker & was very receptive to the many questions from those attending.
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