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Minutes Of Bi-Monthly Meeting On March 20, 2018

Convene Meeting At 7:00 PM, President Richard Nichols Presiding: Quorum is eight Adult Members. Ten Members were present. There were no guests.

Member Concerns: Al Campbell's wife Patty. Mike McDougall in hospital recovering from burns.

Minutes From January 24th Meeting:
Members previously having had an opportunity to review the minutes, a motion by Al Campbell to approve, seconded by Bill Stamp, passed unanimously.

Bi-Monthly Financial Report:
Dave Schaefer presented a financial report covering the period January 1st thru March 15th. In the checking account, there was income of $0.01 and expense of $316.13. In the savings account, there was income of $0.34 and no expense. The checking account ending balance was $3,040.97. The savings account ending balance was $6,575.82. A motion by Jeff Ellis to approve the report, seconded by Leif Erickson, passed unanimously.

Safety Officer's Report:
Al Campbell reported that there were no known safety issues since the first of the year.

Field Marshall's Report:
Bill Autrey discussed patching areas along the flight line whenever rain softens the ground sufficiently for driving staples. Bill mentioned mowing around the shelters shortly before the spring picnic. General field mowing will take place after the wildflowers diminish.

Membership Increase & Outreach Status:
Richard Nichols contacted the Boy & Girls Club in Marble Falls & determined that the club might conduct some sort of indoor event at the B&G facility. There was discussion about advertising the club's presence in local newspapers.

Flying Events At Hank Nilsen Field & Llano Park: Fun fly's & float fly's were discussed but nothing was scheduled.

NOOB Tube Update: Bill Stamp reported that eleven NOOB's were in member's possession, and pylon racing was imminent. He urged members to regularly carry their NOOB to the field. Bill offered to build additional NOOB's for those interested.

Spring Picnic: Bill Autrey announced the picnic date - Saturday, April 21st. It will be the usual potluck affair with the club supplying burgers, hotdogs, sausage, condiments & accessories while attendees bring a picnic appropriate dish. Member's guests are welcome.

2018 Charter Renewal & Site Insurance:
Dave Schaefer reported that the club's AMA Charter and site insurance policy have been renewed. Copies will be posted at the field. AMA has sent a copy of the insurance policy to the Llano County Judge.

Club Newsletter:
Richard Nichols encouraged members to contribute ideas for the newsletter.

Meeting Adjourned At 7:55 PM

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